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Shameless PSA: Halloween Costumes Aren't Consent

Look, we’re all adults here.

People go out and party, especially on Halloween. And people get...creative with their costumes. Adult Halloween costumes vary; a lot are funny or quirky, some are controversial, and some (especially women’s costumes) show some skin. And yeah, some of them can be pretty revealing (power to those people who are comfortable wearing and rocking that! You do you!! Rock those leather shorts, girlfriend!) The point is: someone else's Halloween costume does not give you any sexual permission, and no one has any sexual permission based on your costume alone.

We also get that many people end up meeting their future significant others, friends, or one night flings at parties. We’re not saying to avoid others who are dressed in revealing costumes or even not to flirt with them (shoot your shot, my friend!). All we’re saying is that Halloween costumes do not imply consent or warrant harassment.

That sexy “nurse” across the room did not get dressed with the intention of “this outfit will let *insert name here* know that it’s okay to put his/her hands on me inappropriately.” It’s also important to note that sexual assault can and does happen to both sexes with offenders of all sexual orientations. The “Chippendale’s Dancer” might pose for pictures with you at the party but his costume does not give anyone consent to grope him or to assume that you have the right to sleep with him. No one is entitled to anyone else’s body, and that sentiment isn’t waived just because of a costume.

Even if someone's wearing straight-up lingerie and you missed that they were a mouse (duh), you don’t have the right to infer that they intended to wear that for YOU, privately. One’s costume gives you ZERO permission to touch them. It doesn’t matter if someone is wearing next to nothing this Halloween (or any other night), or even if they intended to look “sexy.” People dress up to feel good about themselves all the time.

And for those of you who are sexy costume-wearers: you’re allowed to wear whatever you want, drink as much as you want, party, and have a blast on Halloween without being harassed or assaulted. Your costume is not an invitation for harassment or assault. Remember that.

So, this Halloween, have a good time! Dress up, meet people,and interact like a normal human being. Don’t touch someone sexually without consent and don’t assume that, just because you can see more of their chest/thigh/stomach than usual, that they’re giving you any form of permission. And be secure in the fact that, no matter how you dressed, no one has the right to touch you without your permission.

All our love and then some,

Kailey & Becky

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