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Welcome to Not Your Jane Doe!


Founded in 2019, we're a survivor-led, grassroots resource page for victims of rape, sexual abuse, and dating violence. Our goal is to empower other survivors to navigate what we well know to be a hellish journey. We also want to provide candid resources and advice—advice informed both by years of experience and by extensive research—to friends, family, and significant others of survivors. 

About Us

Becky Stevenson & Kailey Remien

We're a pair of Baylor graduates who are currently working in the legal and medical fields. We want to use our experiences and knowledge to create accessible and pragmatic resources for other survivors of sexual assault.

We believe that our collective stories and experiences can help validate the experiences of other survivors and guide them in their healing processes

Our Mission

If you've been abused or assaulted, we are here for you. We want to provide pragmatic, thorough advice and resources for victims of rape, sexual abuse, and dating violence.

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